Ring Solitaire


recently lost relatives. may they all be forgiven for their shortcomings and rewarded for their benevolence.  

still working on a very demanding but exciting project, bought more RAM because i could barely work on the design anymore. past weeks haven’t seen much daylight but it’s totally worth it and the end is near.

on sinterklaas received my package of latest prototypes, shapeways included some ‘peppernuts’ a very wunterslaush touch :3 and i’m quite happy how the solitaire ring turned out.


so had a great time at dutch design week! it was the first time i met other designers who are using 3dprinting to realise their dreams. talked with people about design, technology, solutions, the future, my designs i had on display at the shapeways booth, it was really cool. thanks everyone who made it great :)

still using most of my design time for clients, can’t complain about the diversity of work; from mathematical art, figurines, to fashion accessoires and even a very avant-garde piece i have the pleasure of working on. wish i could show any of these projects but that really is not possible :)

i bought a gem; a morganite for my solitaire ring. i really needed a stone before i could finish the design. the photograph really doesn’t do the stone justice. 

also im in need of more dropbox space, thinking about running my own cloud again in the future…

Mop buckets

Ok so i just dropped my pocket notebook moleskine knockoff in my mop bucket. Luckily most of the most important stuff wasn’t affected but i use ink - as i prefer the stabilio bionic as a very fine pen- and thats not a good thing when it becomes wet so… better use graphite pencils.. and im glad i put at least my poem already safely on tubmlr :)

so im back en los paises bajos, im available again for anyone with a vendetta / sharaf or just a cup of tea at my residence. in any case i flew back from madrid and bought some magazines at the airport to kill time wating for lines, and lines, and lines. one of which was vogue joyas (jewelry). never bought such a magazine but i thought why not. most designs honestly didn’t really appeal to me, much seemed like an centuries old remix. however, a few things inspired me. in the air between madrid and rotterdam i drew a few concepts in my notebook which i will later on show when my phone will agree to grab images again :P they are:

-a set of seahorse earcuffs which linked together form a pendant

-bangle which you cannot put on yourself or take off yourself

-strange vase in heart shape.

will photograph them later cuz i know it sounds strange:) and first i need to finish my clients work :)

Accepting custom design work

Will recreate any of your wishes in 3d printable format. This includes jewelry, belt-buckles, accessories, phone-cases, prototypes, ceramics, figurines, you name it. 

Material experience includes plastics, ceramics, stainless steel, sterling silver, gold-plated metal and (colored) sandstone. 

»> Details «<

Mammoth iPhone5 Charger

Ok so even i don’t understand why i keep making iPhone 5 accessories, though i haven’t even made something for my own phone. The answer is simple, the iPhone 5 is or will become the biggest form-factor market to date. And i like Apple’s lightning connector design. Also i bought 10 lightning connectors from China months ago so i need to put them to use. 

This is a work in progress (wip). One of the things i will adjust are the tusks so they will curl back and better support the phone on both sides. 

Mammoth iPhone5 Charger


Gave my niece a pendant i made, and didn’t expect her to be so happy with it :)

Also today i placed an order consisting of multiple pieces with Shapeways, including my first piece in silver! 

If every design will pass the printability test i will have them in my hands by early september :3


Spiked Cheetah


I know this render doesn’t really ‘blow you out of the water’ but i can’t find the original design at the moment to produce a nice render. And honestly, nice renders are fine and all, but real products like jewelry, inventions, or ‘tools’ really are what i desire to produce. Things you can hold, pass on to your loved ones, something my grandchildren if i get that blessed might one day care to care for, even after i am gone. Passing on jewelry is a tradition in my family and i would like to offer next generations more than i received. There is something magical about feeling a bond between generations by a piece of metal, because you wore it at special occasions, everyday, or made it yourself. Even if you’ve never met each other. You feel close to those people and that’s what makes it invaluable. 

I honestly didn’t think i would be designing jewelry 10 years ago. I preferred making architecture and player models for 3d games, animations of penguins and still-life renders for my portfolio (which i unfortunately lost). 

Its not so strange i ‘chose’ this path. About a week ago i was told my grandfather wanted to be a nature photographer. But his dad wouldn’t let him for ‘lack of a pension’. He became a teacher instead. He made jewelry in his spare time. His father was an architect. On the other side of the family my grandfathers grandfathers both were blacksmiths. 

I like to be an architect as well, because i want to design my own house, but i have to study for that in my spare time, and have to pay for it by designing stuff and taking photos for other people, so ironically i’m doing it the other way around in a weird sense. But first i have to finish another degree.

I like to photograph. Correction i love it, especially the outdoors. Even more so at night. Its soothing, especially if the stars show their sparkle. And it’s not that i dislike photographing people, but then i would prefer children for they mostly are more real. 

In any case i’m thinking about where i will stash my photographs, i think i’ll just put them on my own website.

Bangle Tongueless Love

Nastaliq script really is beautiful and most appropriate for Mevlana Rumi’s poetry but its way harder to read than Naskh. That implicitly also means its harder to implement as a script for engraving, especially if the scale goes smaller, because the vertical extremes are much wider. Which also explains why Naskh is more popular in the ‘massmedia’ side of things, and Nastaliq is more popular for Perso-Arabic poetry and art pieces. Please do correct me if i’m wrong in any of these things, for i am quite the novice in these matters and have to check and check and recheck many things because i’m not native in these matters.

Anyhow, this is what’s engraved:

گرچه تفسير زبان روشنگرست

ليك عشق بي‌زبان روشنترست

the English interpretation is:

"Although the commentary of the tongue makes (all) clear,

yet tongueless love is clearer.”

I own the interpreted version of the Masnavi by Reynold Alleyne Nicholson. Although the interpretation of this wonderful poetry really can’t compare to understanding it in its original form, i have been led to believe R.A. Nicholson was one of the most dedicated scholars of hazrat Rumi’s poetry in English. Also i read he was a teacher of Muhammad Iqbal, a poet not unknown to many of the subcontinent. 

Spiked Tribal Bracelet

This is just a piece i had to design. Spikey, fierce and could really be lethal in the wrong hands. Then again so are kitchen knives. In any case i hollowed the spikes to make this piece a lot more affordable. If you insist on wanting the solid design contact me and ill make it available as well. 

Spiked Tribal Bracelet

Moustache Duck Eggcup

A duck. An eggcup. With a mustache. You should know enough by those  statements. 

Moustache Duck Eggcup